About Southeast Heritage


Founder and Research Director Lamar Marshall

If you want to see my bio and background go to Reflections 

Feel free to contact me at lamar@southeastheritage.com

Visit the Southeast Heritage website at www.southeastheritage.com. We are just getting the site up and running but are in the process of adding new materials they are processed. We have gathered a collection of over 100,000 digital images including archives, historic surveys and maps, journals, diaries photos, letters, documents from the National Archives, many state and university archives for nearly three decades and spent many years in the field walking old Indian trails.

A bulk of this material and work has never been published by other researchers or authors. Don’t believe everything you hear from so-called experts or what you read in old history books which are wrought with historical “in-exactitudes,” false assertions, calculated nebulousity and convenient omissions. 

What I personally do and don’t do (mostly don’t)

We as the Southeast Heritage group, take on special projects dealing with Southeastern, indigenous cultural heritage work and produce historical reports with much graphic illustration. We do in-house graphic design, web design, GIS mapping, and publishing.  

I, personally, don’t do speaking engagements, meetings or presentations anymore (with the exception of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians) and do not travel to many special events. After 25 years of non-profit, educational work, on the boards of many organizations, and promoting conservation and cultural heritage advocacy, I am taking a 30 year sabbatical from such time-consuming activities. This should overlap with eternity as I turn 70 years old this year. 

Fishing, camping, hunting, hiking, and gardening are what I consider quality time. But these things are secondary to my passion and intrigue for the geographical, ecologicaly and historical Cherokee world 1690 – 1850. 

I am not a spokesman in any capacity for, nor am I a member of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians. I am an individual fortunate enough to have many Cherokee friends and Tribal affiliates who have blessed me with opportunities to assist in their efforts to recover, record and to preserve some of the countless records of their past.